Couplers for Sun DB13W3<->VGA DE15 adapter

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Oct 24 18:17:28 CDT 2015

> I have a Sun machine with a 13W3 framebuffer output, which is
> connected via a Monoprice VGA adapter to my LCD monitor.  [...]

> I'm wondering what I can put between the two to keep the cable from
> disconnecting from the adapter.  Some searches seem to indicate I
> want some 4x40 (or 4-40) female-female (coupling) nuts; does this
> seem correct?


I've seen at least two different threadings on similar parts (metal
standoffs for peecee motherboards, male threads on one end and female
on the other).  But it seems likely to me that the thread for any
particular connector will be rather better standardized, and one DE15 I
just checked (actually, the DE15 end of a 13W3/DE15 adapter) is indeed
4-40 - or close enough to fool me when tested with a 4-40 nut.

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