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Fri Oct 23 18:43:43 CDT 2015

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 11:22 AM, rod <rodsmallwood52 at> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> Well my missive on reproductions seems to have generated some interest.
> There seems to be a lot of will to keep the old systems going and to
> reproduce parts for them
> and indeed build complete systems from new parts.
> The main areas of interest are front panels (Not just DEC), key switches and
> bezels.
> Panels I can handle.  Who wants to be the focus for switches and who for
> bezels?
> More than one person for each category can only be a good thing. I'll call
> them "The Makers"
> Those who want the items I'll call "The Takers"  from 'I'll take one / some
> if they get made."

Do you think you will be able to do 'custom' or one-off items if you
get the process efficient enough? I have a laundry list of panel bits
I need...

1. A replacement perspex for a pdp-12; damaged in shipping :-(

2. I have a couple of pdp-15s - and both have the panels that were
unique to the XVM incarnation of that system, like nothing else DEC
ever made; stick-on flexible plastic sheets mounted to a metal support
mask - see - I'd like convert one at
least of those to the 'traditional' DEC style of perspex panel. I
think that might end up being the only RP15 and FPP15 indicator panels
you ever make :-)

3. There is ONE IBM system (that I know of) that uses perspex, similar
to DEC: the System/360 Model 30. All other IBM panels are metal with
individual lights mounted in separate holes. The Model 30 uses
perspex: see
Differences from DEC panels are... all the printing in on the front of
the panel, there is no 'mask' for the lights printed on the back, and
the light 'holes' in the print are not round, but characters -
illuminated captions - and they're not clear holes but colored; some
are translucent white, some are translucent red: see for the effect. Could you make one of
those; another one damaged in shipping grrrrr? Full panel is split
into two parts, see:

4. IBM metal panel consoles. I have a couple of these - System/370
models 145 and 155 - which are complete but a bit ropy and rusty and
damaged in parts; see: - They're
just sheet steel painted black with the legend silkscreened (I
presume) on. To restore these I need to remove the rust - which means
removing the paint and the silkscreening... could you help with those?


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