Retro Reproduction 2

steven at steven at
Fri Oct 23 19:11:42 CDT 2015

Mike said:
> 4. IBM metal panel consoles. I have a couple of these - System/370
> models 145 and 155 - which are complete but a bit ropy and rusty and
> damaged in parts; see: - They're
> just sheet steel painted black with the legend silkscreened (I
> presume) on. To restore these I need to remove the rust - which means
> removing the paint and the silkscreening... could you help with those?

Looking at your panel, my feeling is that to repaint and silkscreen a section
would look so obviously different from the rest of it that it would be
better to get the lot done, or none at all.
But, that would be like antique furniture restorers who sand back the scratched
but original lacquer only to repaint. Years ago on one of those UK TV productions
on antiques a furniture expert lament just such a thing. He could not believe
that people would destroy the character of huncreds of years of use just to make
it look new again.

I would clean the rusted patches (they don't look too bad, and more importantly
they seem to not be near any printing). Then I would visit the hobby shop and
buy a Humbrol-type tin of flat and gloss enamel and try both on a test card.
One will match better. Then just sit down and carefully paint in the bits.

My /40 console has lifting paint along the lower edge, I think it stood on a
damp basement floor for a long time. What can I do about it? Well, I think
best leave it alone and just touch in the spots with the right colour.

Looks like you need some button inserts too :) I have some plans for repops
that would follow the 'six foot rule' ie it looks good from six feet away :)


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