Retro Reproduction 2

rod rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Oct 23 17:22:52 CDT 2015

Hi Guys

Well my missive on reproductions seems to have generated some interest.
There seems to be a lot of will to keep the old systems going and to 
reproduce parts for them
and indeed build complete systems from new parts.

The main areas of interest are front panels (Not just DEC), key switches 
and bezels.
Panels I can handle.  Who wants to be the focus for switches and who for 

More than one person for each category can only be a good thing. I'll 
call them "The Makers"
Those who want the items I'll call "The Takers"  from 'I'll take one / 
some if they get made."

Thats my two cents on parts sourcing.

The other topic was less computer centric and can be defined as "They 
don't make them any more"
The UK is full of small companies making and repairing all kinds of past 

For example the MGB GT (a much loved British sports car). The factory 
stopped making them in the early 1980's
However a few guys bought the press tools and have been turning out two 
or three body shells a day ever since.

Copy of a Shelby Cobra - no problem build from a kit. GT40 clone oh yes!

Now we are not in that league but with the various tasks taken on by 
those with the knowledge and experience
we can make the difficult to parts available.

Rod Smallwood

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