KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

Jay West jwest at
Fri Oct 23 08:19:10 CDT 2015

Dave wrote...
I think that the switches can be found, but they might be expensive.
But as Noel wrote... the problem isn't the CK switches as far as the "model
number" on them goes. They can be found pretty easy. The problem is that CK
switches used in these systems were custom made with a flat metal plate at
the bottom of the handle (even though they had a standard CK part number on
them), which is what was used to attach them to the metal reinforcement

So you can find a "7301" (or whatever the model number is on these CK
switches), but good luck finding any "7301"'s with the custom metal plate.

As Noel said, a new mechanical design would need to be made.


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