KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Fri Oct 23 07:39:00 CDT 2015

I think that the switches can be found, but they might be expensive. I have
a few that I used on recent project. 
What I found hard was obtaining centre off switches as it appear from this

that PDP-11 Switches may be flipped up or down, or is that not true?

I believe they were made by C&K who are still in business. I wonder if it is
worth approaching them.

The double pole version appears to be still "stocked", I see Farnell  has
some in the UK

but they are a tad expensive in the US....

.. still working out how to build a front panel for his SBC6120 as FPC6120
kits are even more un-obtainium than the switches....

Dave Wade

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>     > From: Alexandre Souza
>     > Easily done if I had the original part on hand
> We have plenty of the original bezels, from which it would be easy to cast
> molds (the same part is used on the 11/45 and 11/70, unlike the rest of
> front console).
> The real issue in any front panel recreation is going to be the switches
> the plastic toggles, the actual electrical device). Both the /45 and /70
used the
> now-apparently-unobtainium version with the intergral metal plate to hold
> the switch in place in a metal holder plate. So a recreation front panel
is going
> to have to have some new mechanical design, to allow use of standard
> micro-switches - and that's probably going to mean a re-design of the
> toggles, as those attached to side-plates on the original toggle switches.
> (That's all a bit difficult to describe in words; a picture will make it
obvious, if
> anyone wants to know more.)
> I wonder how big an order of switches would be required before some
> switch-making firm could be convinced to do a run? Maybe whoever made
> the 'back in the day' still has the tooling to do so gathering dust in an
> room....
>     > From: David C. Jenner
>     > How about making a version for a REAL PDP-11/70 front panel, and one
>     > for a REAL PDP-11/45 front panel, for those of us who have such
>     > away waiting for the right simulator to come along...
> To do that is going to require exactly emulating the interface to the CPU,
> which is not going to be entirely trivial. Physically, the signals all
come over
> flat ribbon cables to standard Berg connectors, so that won't be hard, but
> doubt the interface is documented, someone will have to puzzle it out by
> reading prints - and probably looking at a working one with a logic
> Also, powering the front console requires an unusual AMP connector shell,
> although that may still be available? And of course one could always bodge
> the power connection...
> 	Noel

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