KIM Uno /PiDP-11 plans...

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> Dave wrote...
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> I think that the switches can be found, but they might be expensive.
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> But as Noel wrote... the problem isn't the CK switches as far as the
> number" on them goes. They can be found pretty easy. The problem is that
> CK switches used in these systems were custom made with a flat metal plate
> at the bottom of the handle (even though they had a standard CK part
> number on them), which is what was used to attach them to the metal
> reinforcement strip.

The ones currently on E-Bay looks very like the ones I bought and which are
available from Farnell/Element 14 with a plate and clip so they slot into a
back plate.
Are you sure it's a custom plate? 

> So you can find a "7301" (or whatever the model number is on these CK
> switches), but good luck finding any "7301"'s with the custom metal plate.
> As Noel said, a new mechanical design would need to be made.
> J

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