Panda Panel

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Mon Oct 12 06:42:22 CDT 2015

(BCC to Spare Time Gizmos and Rich A. - both of whom may have a clue!)


I've finally dug out my Panda Panel and got it going - after having to
deal with various strangeness in a dodgy parallel port connector, and
figuring out I really DID have to be root to get it to initialize!

It all works; the 'aux' CPU load segments respond appropriately, as
does the Run/Disk/Tape/Network cluster. But from the moment KLH10 is
started, every single segment of the main display is ON and remains ON
until the host machine is powered off.

Any suggestions? Is this normal behaviour? Is it just that the thing
is running too fast for me to see any patterns? Does the Panda Panel
care what mode the parallel port is set to in the BIOS?

The fact that the other parts of the panel do the right things
suggests to me that the interface etc. is basically sane... but the
one photo I've ever seen of an operational panel looks quite


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