Xebec 1410A (WAS Xebec 1402A Seagate HDD controller)

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Tue Oct 13 18:57:39 CDT 2015

>> This was in an IBM 5150 (original PC)?  I'm still confused.  The 1410A is a
>> bridge board that presents an MFM drive as a SASI (pre-SCSI) device. What
>> SCSI bus adapter is that machine fitted with?
On Tue, 13 Oct 2015, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Indeed, that and the 5150's PSU wasn't capable of running a hard drive. Could 
> have been upgraded, of course, but it just made me wonder if this isn't some 
> other IBM product with a similar model number, and not a 5150 at all.

The XT (5160), NOT THE PC (5150) had a hard drive.  It also had a larger 
power supply than the PC.  The XT hard disk was controlled by a board made 
by Xebec, and rebranded as IBM.  I don't remember the board model 
number.  As part of the rebranding, they removed the configuration 
switches, so that it was "hard-wired" for 10M drive.
It supported two drives.
By soldering in jumpers (a 4 pole DIP switch fit just fine), you could set 
either of the two drives for 5M?, 10M (default NC), 16M? or 26M?.  Other 
sizes or geometries could, of course be set by software after booting.

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