Manual for the Overland Data OD3201 Tape Drive?

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Mon Oct 5 01:12:58 CDT 2015

Anyone has the operation and service manual for the 9-track mag tape drive
Overland Data OD3201? Similar to a Qualstar, but seems
larger-faster-quieter-better. Just succeeded putting it online. This one is
unusual in its simplicity - it has both a Pertec and a Parallel Port
interface. Once I found the DOS software in a dark corner of the Internet, I
connected it to the parallel port of a my vintage DOS machine and it worked
straight out of the box. Look Ma, no interface cards needed! 

Reads and writes fine apparently. But it has the common ailment of servo
motor tape drives, it creeps a little bit at rest. So I probably need to
adjust a pot somewhere. Would be nice if I could find the service manual,
but no luck on Googling it up. 



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