PDP 11/03

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Oct 5 09:41:56 CDT 2015

    > From: Jim S

    > I suspect I also need an additional card at minimum for my escapade,
    > and I'm not sure if one card will do it.
    > I've got pretty much one of every 2 size processor and the 11/03 4 up
    > processor card. I also have several serial cards, and some memory.

Then you should have all you need to run a minimal system; CPU, memory and a
serial interface for the console. (In fact, it's possible to run _very_ short
programs with only an 11/23 or /73 CPU card, a serial interface card, and no
memory - put the program in the PAR's! :-)

    > if someone has something laying around that would let me just run up to
    > a working serial port

Do you mean, a cable? If so, I can hook you up there (not the most robust,
mind, as my supply of pins/shells are cheapo knock-offs, but functional).

What kind of serial card(s) do you have (some take the LSI-11 serial
'standard' 10-pin Berg connector shell, the early ones use the DL11
compatible 40-pin shell), and what's going to be on the non-PDP-11 end
- a PC of some sort?


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