Huge IBM 1800 find (and need some help)

Jon Elson elson at
Sat Mar 21 11:35:39 CDT 2015

On 03/21/2015 03:56 AM, Lawrence Wilkinson wrote:
> Well done Johannes!
> I guess you have the Physical Planning manual from 
> Bitsavers. 907kg seems a bit much - but maybe if it's 
> fully optioned. Yes, power supplies are heavy, frames are 
> heavy, motors are heavy.
> If they got it up there it must be possible to get it out! 
> From my time dismantling and reassembling the Model 30 I 
> would say it's not designed to be dismantled on-site.
YOU'RE the guy who put the 360/30 on a 2nd floor office!  My 
hat's off to you!  Incredible story, I have it archived on 
my computer.

Actually, I think the 1800 is quite modular, each cabinet 
will separate pretty cleanly, with a couple cables and some 
bolts.  These won't be light, but a LOT lighter and more 
manageable than even a 360/30.  I'm pretty sure a few guys 
could get this down a flight of stairs one cabinet at a time 
without great difficulty.
> It can be done, of course, and I suggest copious 
> photographs before the during the process. I stripped the 
> CPU down to a bare frame, but maybe you don't need to go 
> that far. It will be in manageable sub-units, but they're 
> likely to be solidly wired together rather than with 
> convenient connectors.
No, as I say, it was quite modular.  (Not an 1800 expert, 
but I know just a little about that system.)


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