Huge IBM 1800 find (and need some help)

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Sat Mar 21 03:56:15 CDT 2015

Well done Johannes!

I guess you have the Physical Planning manual from Bitsavers. 907kg 
seems a bit much - but maybe if it's fully optioned. Yes, power supplies 
are heavy, frames are heavy, motors are heavy.

If they got it up there it must be possible to get it out! From my time 
dismantling and reassembling the Model 30 I would say it's not designed 
to be dismantled on-site. It can be done, of course, and I suggest 
copious photographs before the during the process. I stripped the CPU 
down to a bare frame, but maybe you don't need to go that far. It will 
be in manageable sub-units, but they're likely to be solidly wired 
together rather than with convenient connectors.

All the best, and I'm sure Mike Ross will chime in soon: for some of his photos of the innards.


On 21/03/15 08:17, Johannes Thelen wrote:
> I hope this is not too long story, but I'd like to start from beginning...
> <snip>
> But now comes the problem. This IBM is in second floor. There is only (wide) staircase down to street level. So cabinets have to partly disassemble to light those "little" bit.
> I would need some kind of document of wireharness and schematics, so I get it back together. Also good pictures inside of cabinets would help, so I know what is waiting me there. And by the way, what weights so much these units? CPU weights 907kg, why? Is power supplies so heavy or is there lead poured to structure ;) ?
> I'm picking this up next week, at least small items, so I would need some good advices also. Rolling cabinets via stair case is not option ;)
> Also any help to bring this back to life is welcome! Thaaaaaanks!
> - Johannes ThelenFinland
> Before microcomputers blog (Finnish)

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