Qbus split I&D?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Mar 16 18:27:50 CDT 2015

    > From: Johnny Billquist

    > All I can say is that I did a number of RSX SYSGENs on that 11/34, and
    > it truly looked just like an 11/24 from a software point of view.

The thing that I wonder about it, for that to be true, is something that
someone (sorry, to lazy to look in the archive to give proper credit) pointed
out, which is that that CPU is only two boards, and the memory management,
including the PARs, is built into one of them. So how could one extend a PAR
from 12 bits to 16, when there's already 12 bits buried deep inside the CPU?
That's the part that I can't work out...

    > I'm hoping that Update ... still have the documentation around.

You and me both! :-)

I have this dream of one day having an 11/45, with the Enable and the optional
cache. Now that would be a sweeet machine: most of the capability of an 11/70,
but a lot less power draw. But I'd need the documentation to see how to
connect it up! :-)

    > Every time this comes up I really want to go searching for manuals...
    > :-)

Please do! :-)


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