Microsoft open sources GWBASIC

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Sun May 31 12:44:05 CDT 2020

On 2020-05-30 14:18, Boris Gimbarzevsky via cctech wrote:
> Chuck, your post just reminded me of how I used FORTRAN to interface
> with my PDP-11 ASM routines when I was doing data acquisition as fast
> as possible on a MINC system.  Perused my FORTRAN code about 6 months
> ago and had common blocks and a routine which took "arrays" which were
> essential chunks of PDP-11 memory that I'd use as data buffers and to
> access data in my ASM routines directly.  Certainly a lot faster than
> doing function calls to get at this data but would now be looked at as
> very "dangerous" programming.

That's why my (long after retirement) interest is mostly in MCU 
programming, currently the STM32F7 series.

The processors have all sorts of interesting memory management hardware 
built-in, including storage protection, but few people avail themselves 
of it.  For me, this allows this once-engineer to get back to playing 
with hardware without putting up with the nonsense of a massive 
operating system.  I find that very gratifying in my dotage.


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