Magnetic media FTGH!

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Sat Nov 26 11:41:04 CST 2016

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> Back in October, I wrote that I had two boxes of magnetic media that were
> not worth - to me - the space they were taking up.
> This drew a note from one Rob Jarratt, saying
> > I think the Ultrix and FORTRAN tapes have got to be worth saving
> > whatever happens, and possibly the MicroVMS ones too, [...].  [...]
> > please don't get rid of those particular media without giving someone
> > the opportunity to image them.
> I haven't heard from anyone, and I can't really hang onto these
indefinitely in
> the hope that a nebulous "someone" will show up to image them.  As I wrote
> in October, I didn't have a system that could image any of them, and that
> hasn't changed since then.
> I know there are at least a few of us in/near Ottawa; if any of them read
> and are willing to help out, possibly by imaging the tapes, possibly by
> taking over keeping them, possibly something else, I'd love to hear about
it.  I
> too think it would be good to preserve the data...BUT not to the extent of
> overriding my need to pare back the space my *ahem* "collection" is
> occupying.  I think the end of the year is about as long as I can wait
> hearing anything.
> Given email's unreliability these days, I'd also like to leave more than
> email as a way of getting hold of me.  +1-613-482-0910 should either reach
> me or take a message.

That was me replying. I have the drives to read TK50 (a hazardous and
unreliable process these days), not sure about the others. The trouble is I
am in the UK, I know you are reluctant to ship, and *I* am reluctant to pay
a lot for shipping across the pond.

However, if you don't get any takers, can we discuss the option of sending
them to me?



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