Magnetic media FTGH!

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Sat Nov 26 11:28:06 CST 2016

Back in October, I wrote that I had two boxes of magnetic media that
were not worth - to me - the space they were taking up.

This drew a note from one Rob Jarratt, saying

> I think the Ultrix and FORTRAN tapes have got to be worth saving
> whatever happens, and possibly the MicroVMS ones too, [...].  [...]
> please don't get rid of those particular media without giving someone
> the opportunity to image them.

I haven't heard from anyone, and I can't really hang onto these
indefinitely in the hope that a nebulous "someone" will show up to
image them.  As I wrote in October, I didn't have a system that could
image any of them, and that hasn't changed since then.

I know there are at least a few of us in/near Ottawa; if any of them
read this and are willing to help out, possibly by imaging the tapes,
possibly by just taking over keeping them, possibly something else, I'd
love to hear about it.  I too think it would be good to preserve the
data...BUT not to the extent of overriding my need to pare back the
space my *ahem* "collection" is occupying.  I think the end of the year
is about as long as I can wait without hearing anything.

Given email's unreliability these days, I'd also like to leave more
than just email as a way of getting hold of me.  +1-613-482-0910 should
either reach me or take a message.

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