Magnetic media FTGH!

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Nov 26 18:24:51 CST 2016

>> Back in October, I wrote that I had two boxes of magnetic media that
>> were not worth - to me - the space they were taking up.

>> This drew a note from one Rob Jarratt, [...]

> That was me replying. I have the drives to read TK50 (a hazardous and
> unreliable process these days), not sure about the others.  The
> trouble is I am in the UK, I know you are reluctant to ship, and *I*
> am reluctant to pay a lot for shipping across the pond.

Yes, that was what I thought the major barrier to just dropping them on
you was.

> However, if you don't get any takers, can we discuss the option of
> sending them to me?

Sure.  I'll send you mail offlist; this is somewhat in the nature of a
heads-up, so if you don't get the offlist mail you'll know something's

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