Datamation, May 1972

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> >
> > I wish...but there may be an alternative.  There is a 1970 book called
> "The
> > Computer and Music" containing 21 articles and documents on the subject.
> > Edited by Harry B. Lincoln.  It is very possible that the Datamation
> > article drew content from this book and you might find the book for sale
> on
> > online..
> Thanks Bill. Just ordered a copy from Amazon.
> I just picked up "Unplayed by Human Hands" (the first album, from 1975) and
> wanted to learn a little more about how it was done. I do know it was a
> PDP-8 and Model 33 ASR connected to a pipe organ, and there are bits and
> pieces referencing it online.
> For instance, I found this project:
> But, alas...there doesn't seem to be any snippets of actual code from the
> album there.
> The code is described in some detail here too:
> Again, no actual code. Bummer.
> Kyle

I look forward to the results of your project.

There is a pipe organ event every year near my home at Longwood Gardens.
They have an awesome pipe organ there, it might be the 2nd or 3rd largest
in the world.  Spectacular.  They actively maintain it, parts pieces, etc.
People come from all over the world to play it and do recitals.


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