Datamation, May 1972

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Thu Nov 17 09:26:32 CST 2016

> I wish...but there may be an alternative.  There is a 1970 book called "The
> Computer and Music" containing 21 articles and documents on the subject.
> Edited by Harry B. Lincoln.  It is very possible that the Datamation
> article drew content from this book and you might find the book for sale on
> online..

Thanks Bill. Just ordered a copy from Amazon.

I just picked up "Unplayed by Human Hands" (the first album, from 1975) and
wanted to learn a little more about how it was done. I do know it was a
PDP-8 and Model 33 ASR connected to a pipe organ, and there are bits and
pieces referencing it online.

For instance, I found this project:

But, alas...there doesn't seem to be any snippets of actual code from the
album there.

The code is described in some detail here too:

Again, no actual code. Bummer.


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