Altos system mislisted on Epay

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Tue Nov 8 10:09:22 CST 2016

On 10/17/2016 11:23 AM, Jay Jaeger wrote:
> The back label says 8000-10A, which should indeed be a Z80 system with a
> hard disk.  I have an Altos 1004 disk for the thing (and experience with
> its power supply  ;) ), but when I bought mine, my seller (not the same
> as this one) mis-listed the CPU unit as having the disk controller,
> which was not actually present - he used a stock photo to sell multiple
> units. (I did receive some compensation for that).  The disk controller
> on this unit looks to be correct.
> On 10/16/2016 5:16 PM, jim stephens wrote:
>> 48 min to go at 315 PDT
>> Bit thing not in listing is an SA-1004 disk.  And I'm suspicious it is
>> an 8086, but who knows.  Certainly has many serials on the back.
>> Moore-Business-Systems-Altos-ASC-8000-10A-Zilog-Z80-CP-M-Multi-user-Computer

As a follow up, I did end up purchasing the thing, in order to get the
prerequisite Altos 8200 system board and hard disk controller to mate
with my existing Altos disk.  (My disk is the larger sized SA-4008,
contrary to the 1004 I cited earlier).  It is indeed a 8000-10 system,
with a Z80 processor.

It is an all-in one unit - the SA-1004 is on the right hand side of the
case, under the system board, and the floppy on the left side.  Thus
quite heavy (shipping weight was apparently 72 lbs).   I have not yet
disassembled it to check to see if the scrape on the transformer
requires further attention, to deal with the filter capacitors, remove
the useless SA-1004, etc.

So, if anyone needs SA-1004 electronics or other pieces/parts let me
know.  :)


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