Altos system mislisted on Epay

william degnan billdegnan at
Tue Nov 8 10:29:47 CST 2016

> As a follow up, I did end up purchasing the thing, in order to get the
> prerequisite Altos 8200 system board and hard disk controller to mate
> with my existing Altos disk.  (My disk is the larger sized SA-4008,
> contrary to the 1004 I cited earlier).  It is indeed a 8000-10 system,
> with a Z80 processor.
> It is an all-in one unit - the SA-1004 is on the right hand side of the
> case, under the system board, and the floppy on the left side.  Thus
> quite heavy (shipping weight was apparently 72 lbs).   I have not yet
> disassembled it to check to see if the scrape on the transformer
> requires further attention, to deal with the filter capacitors, remove
> the useless SA-1004, etc.
> So, if anyone needs SA-1004 electronics or other pieces/parts let me
> know.  :)

Did I send you this link?

I have the 8000 manual, someone had in the past ask me to scan this part of

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