Wang 2243 drive enclosure

Jason Howe jason at
Tue Nov 8 13:00:50 CST 2016

On Tue, 8 Nov 2016, Rick Bensene wrote:

> Jason Howe wrote:
>> Are there any Wang people on this list?
>> I came across a Wang 2243, which is an enclosure w/ 3 8-inch floppy drives in it for $75 in the local surplus shop.
> Jim Battle might be interested:
> He's got a keen interest in Wang Labs 2200 (among some other stuff from Wang Laboratories).
> Rick Bensene
> The Old Calculator Museum

I actually reached out to Jim this morning.  Seems he's donated all his 
2200 to a museum, but has put me in touch with someone else... We'll see.

Kinda wish I had a snowballs chance in hell of finding a 2200 -- I'd just 
assume pick these up, but that's a lot of cubic footage for a someday 


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