RSX-11 trouble

Veit, Holger holger.veit at
Wed Mar 30 02:12:59 CDT 2016

    REM ...AT.
work? The first cmd may cause an error, if there is no AT loaded at all. 
The second will install larger the 12K version of IND if present, a 
prerequisite for a sysgen that may be also used in normal operation. It 
is IIRC rather uncommon to discard IND for space issues; there are other 
less frequently used tasks to be removed for a turnkey system. Is the 
disk rather full anyway?


Am 29.03.2016 um 19:30 schrieb supervinx:
> Il giorno sab, 26/03/2016 alle 11.54 +0000, Veit, Holger ha scritto:
>> Looks as if the @ task, the indirect command processor, is either defective, or was not linked correctly for this system. Check the system generation manual; there are hints on how to replace it. This is for instance necessary for a sysgen (INS a /BIG version of it). If this fails, the TSK is broken. The sysgen rebuilds IND from an OLB regularly; there is a BLD file for this. You don't need to run a full sysgen for it (infact, with a broken @ processor, you can't).
>> Regards Holger
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>> Subject: RSX-11 trouble
>> Hi!
>> Got a MicroPDP 11 plus.
>> It seems to be misconfigured.
>> It can't execute .CMD files, reporting
>> Task "...AT." terminated
>> Load failure. Read error
>> No disk errors are reported with ELI DU0:/SH
>> Disk seems to work: I can run .TSK files.
>> The file STARTUP.CMD isn't read at all.
>> Any hints? Which file is executed right before STARTUP.CMD?
>> I see two RED commands and a MOU before it tries to read [1,2]STARTUP.CMD and reports the aforementioned error.
>> Thanks
> Well... no IND.TSK is present :(
> May be they had space issues?

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