RSX-11 trouble

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Tue Mar 29 12:30:30 CDT 2016

Il giorno sab, 26/03/2016 alle 11.54 +0000, Veit, Holger ha scritto:
> Looks as if the @ task, the indirect command processor, is either defective, or was not linked correctly for this system. Check the system generation manual; there are hints on how to replace it. This is for instance necessary for a sysgen (INS a /BIG version of it). If this fails, the TSK is broken. The sysgen rebuilds IND from an OLB regularly; there is a BLD file for this. You don't need to run a full sysgen for it (infact, with a broken @ processor, you can't).
> Regards Holger
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> Subject: RSX-11 trouble
> Hi!
> Got a MicroPDP 11 plus.
> It seems to be misconfigured.
> It can't execute .CMD files, reporting
> Task "...AT." terminated
> Load failure. Read error
> No disk errors are reported with ELI DU0:/SH
> Disk seems to work: I can run .TSK files.
> The file STARTUP.CMD isn't read at all.
> Any hints? Which file is executed right before STARTUP.CMD?
> I see two RED commands and a MOU before it tries to read [1,2]STARTUP.CMD and reports the aforementioned error.
> Thanks
Well... no IND.TSK is present :(
May be they had space issues?

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