Recovery adventure - Re: Unidentified DEC gear available, NSW-AU

Jay West jwest at
Thu Mar 3 07:52:19 CST 2016

Pete wrote...
If you (or anyone here) has never worked on a teleprinter (Teletype or other make) please please please ask someone experienced. If not one can and many time has happened is all plastic parts of which there are many in a 32/33 and few in a 28/35/37 can be destroyed.

Having said that, if you end up with a 35, join the mailing list called "greenkeys". 

I have a very good condition ASR35, but it hasn't been on for 20 years at the least, probably much more than that. I know zero about it (or any tty for that matter). You can bet once I get to that point I'll be asking the tty wizards here for help :)

Same goes for a couple ASR33's I have that are actually in marginal condition.

For whatever reason, I really want my tty's to run at some point, but they are not super high on the list given limited time. I will get to them some day though!


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