Recovery adventure - Re: Unidentified DEC gear available, NSW-AU

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Thu Mar 3 01:47:13 CST 2016

On 2016-Mar-02, at 2:50 PM, steven at wrote:
> At this point I realised what I was looking at. It was a Foxboro Fox 2 computer, essentially a rebadged PDP-11/20.

Remarkable find that - a Fox-2-badged 11 - amazing to come across.
Great rescue, although too bad the racks weren't included as that's part of the Foxboro packaging.

If you've seen the CHM brochure of the Fox-1 previously, just ran across a great pic of a Fox-1 system with a great view of the X-shaped CPU:

On 2016-Mar-02, at 6:08 PM, Pete Lancashire wrote:
> Having said that, if you end up with a 35, join the mailing list called
> "greenkeys". Greenkeys is slang for teleprinter 'nuts' and the name
> comes from the color of the keycaps in later Teletype machines..

.. I suspect you meant earlier machines there - the 15,19,26 and so on of the 1920-40s were the machines with the green keys.

I've worked on a 33 and a couple of 28s to get them going but can't claim to be an expert.
Have a 15, two 14s (tape-printers), a Lorenz (19 knockoff), military TT-4A, and a 26 that need restoration - someday when I have opportunity.

Indeed it would be sad to see the 35 scrapped. The oil does help protect them when stored in a poor environment so the mech may well be OK or restorable.

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