Recovery adventure - Re: Unidentified DEC gear available, NSW-AU

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> Pete wrote...
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> If you (or anyone here) has never worked on a teleprinter (Teletype or other
> make) please please please ask someone experienced. If not one can and
> many time has happened is all plastic parts of which there are many in a
> 32/33 and few in a 28/35/37 can be destroyed.
> Having said that, if you end up with a 35, join the mailing list called
> "greenkeys".
> -----
> I have a very good condition ASR35, but it hasn't been on for 20 years at the
> least, probably much more than that. I know zero about it (or any tty for that
> matter). You can bet once I get to that point I'll be asking the tty wizards here
> for help :)
> Same goes for a couple ASR33's I have that are actually in marginal condition.
> For whatever reason, I really want my tty's to run at some point, but they are
> not super high on the list given limited time. I will get to them some day
> though!
> J

I can only add my voice to the plea to save the Model 35. Also, as someone else pointed out, Greenkeys is the place to go for advice on restoring Teletypes, the list if very friendly and exceedingly helpful.

Thanks for the interesting account and pictures. I hope it cleans up well!



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