Pdp-10 emulation

Tedd Martin Vazquez tmv713 at cryptolab.net
Thu Mar 3 03:04:11 CST 2016

Rich Alderson:
> From: Tedd Martin Vazquez
> Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 1:50 PM
>>>> Hi people¡ I've installed SIMH on my computer and I want to get
>>>> around with the emulator for the pdp-10; it was a beautiful machine
>>>> and the ancestor of the GNU project, so is quite charming.
>>>> I have no idea on how to begin using it. Is the first time in my
>>>> life that I get in touch with something related to old computing.
>>>> I want to know where I can get software, TECO and adventure to mess
>>>> around (because of the importance of both); and, very importantly,
>>>> how to get this software running in the emulator.
>> Hi, I'm trying to install ITS using this tutorial:
>> http://www.cosmic.com/u/mirian/its/itsbuild.html
>> Once I got it, how do I run the software inside the OS? Or I'm just
>> not getting how it works?
> OK.  If you followed those instructions, you *have* installed ITS.

After reading I believe using TOPS-20 I will have more to explore, and
seems more easy to understand, specially to someone really new to this.

> The minimal system created by following that set of instructions is just
> enough to have something on which to install other software, such as
> TECO.  There is nothing there yet which is particularly useful to a
> beginner on ITS.
> When I mentioned earlier that finding installation files for ITS was
> more difficult now than it was 10 years ago, that's what I was talking
> about.  The old archives have been taken offline, have been offline for
> years, and are unlikely ever to come back.  There were a lot of files
> containing personal data that was fine in the days of the ARPANET
> (before the Internet came along), but which very few would care to have
> brought to the light of day now.
> I don't want to rain on your parade.  ITS is a lot of fun to hack at.
> It just isn't easy to find anything to do on it any more.
>                                                                 Rich

Thank you very much for the information about TOPS, you really helped
me, I will try to understand the basics and then I'll see using ITS.

For everyone your answers really helped me, thank you very much.


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