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Rich Alderson RichA at LivingComputerMuseum.org
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From: Tedd Martin Vazquez
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 1:50 PM

>>> Hi people¡ I've installed SIMH on my computer and I want to get
>>> around with the emulator for the pdp-10; it was a beautiful machine
>>> and the ancestor of the GNU project, so is quite charming.

>>> I have no idea on how to begin using it. Is the first time in my
>>> life that I get in touch with something related to old computing.

>>> I want to know where I can get software, TECO and adventure to mess
>>> around (because of the importance of both); and, very importantly,
>>> how to get this software running in the emulator.

> Hi, I'm trying to install ITS using this tutorial:
> http://www.cosmic.com/u/mirian/its/itsbuild.html

> Once I got it, how do I run the software inside the OS? Or I'm just
> not getting how it works?

OK.  If you followed those instructions, you *have* installed ITS.

The minimal system created by following that set of instructions is just
enough to have something on which to install other software, such as
TECO.  There is nothing there yet which is particularly useful to a
beginner on ITS.

When I mentioned earlier that finding installation files for ITS was
more difficult now than it was 10 years ago, that's what I was talking
about.  The old archives have been taken offline, have been offline for
years, and are unlikely ever to come back.  There were a lot of files
containing personal data that was fine in the days of the ARPANET
(before the Internet came along), but which very few would care to have
brought to the light of day now.

I don't want to rain on your parade.  ITS is a lot of fun to hack at.
It just isn't easy to find anything to do on it any more.


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