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From: Robert Jarratt
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> From: Tedd Martin Vazquez
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>> Hi people¡ I've installed SIMH on my computer and I want to get
>> around with the emulator for the pdp-10; it was a beautiful machine
>> and the ancestor of the GNU project, so is quite charming.

>> I have no idea on how to begin using it. Is the first time in my life
>> that I get in touch with something related to old computing.

>> I want to know where I can get software, TECO and adventure to mess
>> around (because of the importance of both); and, very importantly, how to
>> get this software running in the emulator.

> I can't remember how you install the OS, but the virtual tapes with
> software are here: http://pdp-10.trailing-edge.com/ 

Specifically, you want the following tapes:

BB-D867E-BM  TOPS-20 V4.1 2020 INSTL
BB-D868E-BM  T-20 V4.1 2020 DIST 1/2
BB-V895A-BM  T-20 V4.1 2020 DIST 2/2

You also want to pick up the Software Installation Guide from
Bitsavers.org.  It's the only file in the following directory:


If you want real EMACS and the associated TECO, that's also available at
Trailing Edge.

Do not accept shortcuts.  Read the manual, then worry about attaching
the tape images to SimH.

TOPS-20 v4.1 is the last to run on the KS-10 (which is the only member
of the PDP-10 family that SimH emulates), so don't bother with any later

NB: You can also get Tops-10, but it's not nearly as much fun as
TOPS-20.  ITS used to be more readily available, but it's hard to get
hold of these days and you really need to know how the architecture
works before diving into it.


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