Maximizing value selling a working 11/34

Jay West jwest at
Tue Dec 8 08:36:36 CST 2015

Noel wrote.....
So I know someone who has a working 11/34 (4 RLO2's and the 11/34 in an
H960, running RSTS/E) they want to sell, and they want to know how to
maximize the value - i.e. whether to sell it as a complete working system,
or to part it out - and if the latter, how to break it up?

(No discussion about the morality of parting it out, please; this is owned
by a business, and they need the money to pay people's salaries.)

So which direction would get the most money? My sense is that parting it to
the maximal degree possible (e.g. sell each drive separately, sell the
memory separately from the CPU, sell the feet separately from the H960, etc)
is the way to get the most money, but I'm interested to hear what others

Thanks for any insights!

One would think that the highest revenue would be parting it out. Typically
that is true on paper. But be aware that when you're considering what price
you'd likely get for each part and the resulting grand total, after the
sought after bits are sold you are left with a pile of odds and ends that no
one wants or will take years to finally sell so that portion of cash is not
likely to materialize.

You will also attract far more eyeballs to the ad if it is a full
configuration rather than bits & pieces. As with anything, selling price all
depends on it being seen by just the right person that desperately wants the
whole system (or a specific part).

But overall my advice to maximize price is to take a two-step approach and
list it as a whole with a firm number in mind that it must sell for (or
better). If that materializes, you're done and happy. If it does not, then
go the route of parting it out.


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