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Sat Aug 22 13:50:27 CDT 2015


Avaya for a while in the early to mid 2000's only made their manuals  
available to authorized resellers, that seems to have changed sometime  
after buying Nortel, all of the Avaya manuals, and the corresponding  
nortel ones became freely available online. Not sure I have the link  
anymore however. I personally find the Meridian much easier to program  
than say a Merlin II or whatever - but I found I needed a manual in  
either case to not be completely lost.

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On 21-Aug-15, at 12:00 PM, Sean Caron wrote:

> That's odd, as long as I can remember, Lucent/Avaya distributed the  
> manuals
> at least for their PBX and key products pretty openly; Nortel tried  
> to keep
> them more closely held but eventually relented, too. Carrier-grade  
> stuff
> (i.e. 5ESS and SL-100/DMS-100) was always another story, of course.  
> I don't
> recall ever having any issues getting needed documentation when  
> bringing my
> Definity up and that was circa maybe 2008? Of course, the Definity  
> is so
> easy to figure out, you hardly need a manual ... Definitely need  
> them on
> the Meridian though :O
> Best,
> Sean

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