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Fri Aug 21 10:50:58 CDT 2015

> In this specific case though, as it's an HP manual, if it's one of the ones
> that went with Agilent (now Keysight) then they seem to have an enlightened
> attitude and make their old manuals available and also point to a whole
> bunch of other places that do the same. So they may well be OK with someone
> making a manual available ... although I don't see any explicit evidence
> that they'd be OK with someone *selling* a PDF of one of their historic
> manuals.

This was a HP plotter at the end of it's service life (not a current 
model), and this entire thing happened some 12 years ago :-) But the file 
might still be on my broken home page... hmmm

Hah, yep:

Looks like my notes on it were HP said it's discontinued and wouldn't talk 
about the machine at all. Zero. Zilch. 650C was the model.

I also posted on the same web page all of the Lucent Legend manuals. At 
the time Lucent had them all available for download for free from their 
ELMO system, but it wasn't picked up by google or the like. BUT, there was 
a lot of people charging $100-$200 for the pdf files that they downloaded 
from ELMO, telling people it wasn't freely available and for purchase 

The only one who gets use of the manuals is someone who owns the hardware, 
and the hardware comes with the manuals. *Shrug*

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