Emails going to spam folder in gmail

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Fri Jan 1 07:43:41 CST 2021

Hi Mike,

Thanks for chiming in on this.

> Disclaimer: I don't speak for Google ...

> Large corporations (Google included) are basically a scaling problem,
> especially when it comes to customer service.  I think that's pretty
> obvious, and stories about YouTube problems and account access are legion.
> I don't have a solution that can be applied to the problems on this
> thread.  My purpose in posting was to point out that this probably isn't a
> matter of market share or people forgetting not to be evil; it's a
> technical problem.  Getting the configs right is the first step.
> Blacklists are also a problem, and clearly sometimes the filters being
> applied are wrong.  We try to find and fix these things as they are brought
> to our attention.

The big problem is bringing it to Google's attention.

> It took me less than a minute of searching to find this:
> That's the form to contact the Gmail team for getting help with debugging
> your mail being marked as spam/phishing attempts, you get SMTP temp-fails
> or rejects, or other problems.  (The search term was "problems sending
> email to gmail accounts" - go to the first link, follow the workflow, and
> assuming all of the preliminary answers to the questions are "I didn't do
> anything wrong" then you'll get a link to that contact form.)

I spent hours over days looking for something like this (using Google
searches) and I failed to find it.  I always ended up in blind alleys
that assumed I was a Google customer trying to get an email into my mailbox,
not a correspondant of a Google customer trying to get an email out.

My issue with Google and evil is that they provide no way that I can find
to bring abuse of Google facilites (to send spam for example) to their
attention so that the abuse can be stopped.  For example, someone has been
testing my mail server to see if it can be used to relay spam by forging
emails as coming from various email addresses in my domain name and addressed
to check212014 at and attempting to feed these emails into my mail
server (which doesn't accept them) from compromised ip addresses.  This has
happened nearly two hundred times over a period of five years now.  I have
made numerous attempts to bring this to the attention of Google so that they
could put a stop to this check212014 mailbox being used for this abusive
purpose yet I have failed.  You seem to have the magic touch.  Can you let me
know how to bring this to Google's attention?

(By the way, this doesn't tend to happen with addresses to pick one
example.  The reason it doesn't is because on the rare occasions when it does,
reporting the issue to hotmail or whoever using the standard, easy to find
abuse reporting mechanisms results in the problem being stopped and the
spammer soon gets fed up having to set up new testing mailboxes every few
days so they end up moving over to instead where they can keep the
same relay testing mailbox for at least 5 years.)

Peter Coghlan.

> Mike

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