[cctalk] Replacing the Flyback Transformer From My VAXmate

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Rob Jarratt via cctech wrote:

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> > Rob -
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> > A DEC Part Number would speed up your Part Search.
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> I have already searched for the DEC part number and drawn a blank. For
> reference it is 16-27188-01.
> For me the problem is getting any data about the flybacks you find. I have
> outline specs for what I need, but no info on the ones I find to help me
> determine if they may be compatible. The mac page you quoted doesn't really
> say how he determined that the replacement was compatible, but I will try
> searching the apple communities to see if I can find more information.
> Thanks
> Rob
I've never saw a list of types with data or compativility list for FBTs.
The best your proably can do is looking for another CRT Monitor with an
similar Voltage (28V) as the power for the horizontal output stage and
look at the schematics of that monitor how the FBT is to be wired to the
CRT and the deflections coils. ..then try to get such an transformer
from somewhere...


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