FTGH - Decstation 5000 plus many extras

Kevin Parker trash80 at internode.on.net
Mon May 18 19:47:45 CDT 2020

Lets have another go (but this time I have some pictures)

Decstation 5000/125 – also houses a CD drive.
Two expansion storage boxes – one has a tape drive and the other one has 
a floppy drive.
Two very large and heavy RGB Digital monitors – one has both Digital and 
Sony branding on the back of it. I haven’t dug the other one out as its 
in a corner and is dam heavy but it looks the same as the other one.
Box of spares (RAM, CPU's, HDDs etc.)

I’ve never powered it up – it was a rescue – I believe it was a server 
in a TAFE college in Adelaide. This is all I got from the rescue bar the 
box of spares. The original owner had tossed all the documentation and 

Please note that the stand is not included in my offer and its located 
in south western Victoria (Australia).



Kevin Parker

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