Ok, got the Perq tapes

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> I also picked up a pile of Perq boards, and all the DC600 tapes and
> floppies I could take out. The car was loaded with them, someone is
> going to have to curate these. But since I know that the most important
> thing is the software and not the hardware I decided this is what to get
> as the top priority.

If they are PERQ tapes then they will most probably be 4 track QIC11
format. The original PERQ tape drive was an Archive Sidewinder (QIC02
interface to the PERQ if it matters). I think Bob did have such a

> There appears to be a third Perq in there as well on the other side of
> the basement. No big drives (14 inch or 8 inch) but a lot of MFM and
> SCSI disks. Couldn't grab those, too heavy.

A quick guide to the various PERQs.

The PERQ 1 and 1a were the original cabinet, one 8" floppy drive
mounted horizontally. The difference between those 2 machines is the
CPU board. These have a 14" SA4000 series hard disk which _must_ be
locked before moving the machine. To do that you need a special clip
to lock the head positioner and a screw to lock the spindle pulley. If
you are lucky they'll be loose inside the machine.

PERQ2s have the later cabinet with an 8" floppy drive mounted
vertically.  There are 3 sub-models  :

2T1 with an 8" Micropolis 1203 hard disk. This needs to be locked too.
As far as I know the 2T1 is very rare in the States (much more common
over here) and Bob didn't have one. To lock that drive there's a
slotted plastic thing accessible through a hole on the back of the
machine which you turn with a large screwdriver (there was a special
PERQ-related tool, one end of which was flattened to fit that, the
other was an open-ended spanner to adjust the cabinet feet).

2T2 with PC-style 5.25" hard disks (ST412 interface). Most if not all
are self-parking. A machine can have 1 or 2 hard drives installed.

2T4 which is is a 2T2 with a 24 bit CPU. Very rare, and I am sure Bob
didn't have one.

No classic PERQ (the above models) had SCSI.

The PERQ AGW3300 (which again I am pretty sure Bob didn't have) looks
like a tower PC with a single 5.25" floppy drive mounted vertically.
This machine has a SCSI interface on the CPU board that links to a
bridge board and an ST412-interfaced hard disk inside.

> I'm going to put together a list of people and see if I can figure out a
> way to get things out. The garage is blocked by an old car, and this
> stuff will not go up the steps. Too narrow.

Old car = 1972 Mercury Montego? That was Bob's I think.


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