Ok, got the Perq tapes

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sun Apr 26 19:43:07 CDT 2020

sön 2020-04-26 klockan 19:33 -0400 skrev Chris Zach via cctalk:
> Ok, so this evening I went back to the house to do a quick evacuation
> of 
> the most critical stuff and take some better pictures. This time I 
> brought a massive xeon flashlight which helps to get quicker
> pictures 
> with less shake.
> I also picked up a pile of Perq boards, and all the DC600 tapes and 
> floppies I could take out. The car was loaded with them, someone is 
> going to have to curate these. But since I know that the most
> important 
> thing is the software and not the hardware I decided this is what to
> get 
> as the top priority.
> There appears to be a third Perq in there as well on the other side
> of 
> the basement. No big drives (14 inch or 8 inch) but a lot of MFM and 
> SCSI disks. Couldn't grab those, too heavy.
> I'm going to put together a list of people and see if I can figure
> out a 
> way to get things out. The garage is blocked by an old car, and this 
> stuff will not go up the steps. Too narrow.
> Never dull. Latest pictures are at https://www.crystel.com/bob (I
> moved 
> the old ones to a subfolder). I also took a better set of pictures
> of 
> the VME boards, look like Sun boards.
> C

picture 0269 is ECC memory and depending on version of card for:

Sun-3/260/280 and Sun-4/260/280 (501-1102)

Sun-4/260/280 (501-1254 32 MB , 501-1576 16 MB)

Sun-3/460/470/480 Sun-4/260/280 (501-1451, 501-1576)


The 501 code is visible on the card or plate.

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