Ok, got the Perq tapes

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sun Apr 26 20:02:17 CDT 2020

sön 2020-04-26 klockan 19:33 -0400 skrev Chris Zach via cctalk:
> Ok, so this evening I went back to the house to do a quick evacuation
> of 
> the most critical stuff and take some better pictures. This time I 
> brought a massive xeon flashlight which helps to get quicker
> pictures 
> with less shake.
> I also picked up a pile of Perq boards, and all the DC600 tapes and 
> floppies I could take out. The car was loaded with them, someone is 
> going to have to curate these. But since I know that the most
> important 
> thing is the software and not the hardware I decided this is what to
> get 
> as the top priority.
> There appears to be a third Perq in there as well on the other side
> of 
> the basement. No big drives (14 inch or 8 inch) but a lot of MFM and 
> SCSI disks. Couldn't grab those, too heavy.

Considering that i see at least one SMD controller in 0273
(xy 7053-105)

Could it be case that somewhere is pedestals and CABLES ?

Original issue Sun SMD cables is unobtanium, a number of people on the
list recently discussed copying the cables, but when you don't have any
originals one to study....

at least one 3/60 cpu (serial b, ser a, scsi, video)
3/260,3/280: sio a, sio b, ethernet, reset/norm/diag keyboard "walking
leds" video (ecl)

that card with a flat cable, that is i think a 3/80 cpu

It is enough to stuff to configure a rather beefy 3/80, a big enough

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