KE11-A craze (Was: Current MANX location)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Aug 22 08:25:55 CDT 2019

    > KE11-A Field Maintenance Print Set

Speaking of KE11-A's, does anyone know what's behind the bidding wars on
recent eBay KE11-A component board listings, e.g.:

AFAIK, the boards (a complete set is an M7210, M7211, M827, and two M234's)
are pretty useless without the custom backplane, so do some people have such,
or do they not know they need the backplane, or what?

I do have a couple of BB11's (they came in an old custom interface I bought),
and the KE11-A FMPS includes the backplane wiring, so if I were interested
enough to devote the time to wiring a replacement backplane, I could probably
get one running, but they aren't _that_ interesting...


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