KE11-A craze (Was: Current MANX location)

Paul Popelka paulp1 at
Thu Aug 22 13:13:25 CDT 2019

I was one of the bidders.  I have a KE11 backplane and it is populated.  I just wanted some spare boards.  You don't see these boards that often.
I am hoping that a backplane would appear too.  The seller seems to have some early pdp11 backplanes. 
>> KE11-A Field Maintenance Print Set >,9358 
>Speaking of KE11-A's, does anyone know what's behind the bidding wars on recent eBay
>KE11-A >component board listings, e.g.: 
> AFAIK, the boards (a complete set is an M7210, M7211, M827, and two M234's) are pretty useless > > without the custom backplane, so do some people have such, or do they not know they need the > > backplane, or what?

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