KE11-B manuals (Was: Current MANX location)

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Aug 22 07:37:20 CDT 2019

    > KE11-B Field Maintenance Print Set

    > the KE11-B I also just found (IIRC, on one of the collections they list
    > as indexed).

Oh, speaking of KE11-B's, does anyone have either the Technical or User's manual
for it (I couldn't locate either)?

It appears to be a program-compatible re-implementation of the KE11-A, on a
single hex board, but it'd be nice to confirm that, and find out more about
it. E.g. does it go in a MUD slot? (Yes, with the prints, I could eventually
work out the answers to most questions - the prints do contain the PROM
contents - but I'm lazy... :-)


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