VMS 8.4 Alpha Hobbyist disk images

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 2 18:29:15 CST 2018

On 2/1/2018 12:55 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:
> I'm getting an Alphaserver 1000a and wanted to install VMS 8.4 - 
> hobbyist license from CD.
> So, I went to the folder on my PC where I have the 8.4 hobbyist 
> distribution.  There are 3 ISO files; ALPHA084, ALPHA084LP1 and 
> ALPHA084LP2.
> I thought I would burn these to CD and up and away.  However, Windows 
> 7 balks and says, 'The selected disc image file isn't valid'.
> Is it Windows 7 or is there something I'm missing?  Is the CD on the 
> Alphaserver 2048 byte block size or 512?
> Doug
An update to this.

I picked up the Alphaserver today, powered up fine.  I reset the system 
password so I could log in.

It is running OpenVMS 7.1 and has 7 disks in the Storageworks box.

When I log in only the boot disk shows up from the $ show dev command.  
Nothing else, no CD, no tape which are all there.

On powerup it shows:

bus 2 slot 0 pka Qlogic ISP10x0

bus 2 slot 1 ewa DecChip 21040-AA

bus 2 slot 2 pua DEC KFPSA

bus 0 slot 11 dra Mylex DAC960

bus 0 slot 12 drb Mylex DAC960

bus 3 slot 0 pkb Qlogic ISP10x0

I think 4 of the storageworks disks are in a Raid in the storageworks 
(DRB).  The DRA raid must have been external since on startup it spends 
time waiting for it and finally gives up.

In console mode:

 >>> show dev

DKA400 RRD45

DKB400 RZ28

DKB500 RZ29

DKB600 RZ29

DRA0 4 member RAID 5

DRA1 1 member JBOD

DRB0 4 member RAID 5


MKA500 TLZ07

EWA0    mac address




My desire is to setup this machine and use it, however, I don't want to 
undo things I can't put back together again.  Any thoughts or advice?


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