VMS 8.4 Alpha Hobbyist disk images

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 12:00:42 CST 2018

On 2 February 2018 at 22:16, Wayne S via cctech <cctech at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> Notice: Downloaded this from the link and Norton says it is a virus. PUA.InstallCore

Please bottom-quote on mailing lists.

Are you running an ad-blocker? If not, you should.

I recommend UBlock Origin.


AdBlock+ works but takes a lot of RAM.

UBlock is a dodgy fork of the original program and should be avoided.

I am wondering if you are using bad/fake download sites that are
serving compromised files. I used to work in support for AVG a couple
of years ago and this was a common problem -- banner ads with bigger,
more prominent "click here to download" buttons than the _actual_
download button on otherwise-reputable sites.

I have seen this issue with several 100% legit freeware tools,
including on Google itself. I told someone to download Produkey, a
free tool that extracts product IDs and licence keys from Windows. The
person I was advising -- a moderately tech-literate personal friend of
high intelligence -- does not run an ad-blocker and was missing the
_actual_ Google result and clicking on a banner ad by mistake which
was taking him to a fake download site which contained malware and
requested payment.

CD Burner XP and ImgBurn are both legit. I used both for many years. I
no longer use Windows unless someone pays me to do so, but both were
valid tools.

The download site for CD Burner XP is here:


ImgBurn is also legit. The download site is here:


Win10 obsoletes them both by including ISO burning directly, IIRC, but
it's entirely possible that it can't handle a non-standard CD image
that doesn't contain an ISO9660 filesystem. Recently I have had
problems trying to "burn" bootable drives containing AROS and
A2/Bluebottle to USB because no burn tool recognises those OSes'

For writing Windows 10 itself to USB, I use Rufus, but I don't think
it supports optical media.

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