DEC H-500 Computer Lab pins and docs (was Re: Straight 8 up on Ebay just ...

Wed Jul 20 02:08:53 CDT 2016

I wonder if any of the other digi labs leads are comparable?  We  have  
fabratek  and a few other brands. We got a bit   obsessed  with trainer type  
gear  for electronics and  physics  'this what that got  young people 
interested  back  when'  display. 
if there are any list member with a small turret lathe   that would be  
nice   to make  pins  with.   pretty labor intensive.    Better would be  small 
Brown  and Sharpe screw machine would  make buckets of them  once you   got 
the machine all set up to make the run.  Or   cnc   machine ( I never ran 
one of those)   --- or as mentioned casting  some.
I will look and see is  we need any  pins.
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v.slyngstad at writes:
From:  Karl-Wilhelm Wacker: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 5:21 PM
> This company does  custom tapered pins in brass -
> There are others out there I'm  sure.
> I would find out what their minimum is and get a bulk  order together.
> A place I  worked for in the past had do a custon part 
>  them,
> in the 100's - I would talk to them about a part  also.

>From what I can gather from the websites you referred me to,  
the tapered part of the pin's dimensions are very close to the woner if  
fabratecnarrow end of a standard taper #4/0 in the 3/4" length?  Have  
I done the math right on that?

>From there it would seem to be a  matter of getting a way to 
mount the wire, and optionally to shorten the  overall length 
of the pin and wire attachment to .65" from .75".  (Or  maybe 
just slot the pin's fat end, solder in the wire, and call it  good.)

I also thought about using a taper reamer to create molds and  
perhaps casting with solder around the fluxed wire.  (Casting  
brass or bronze seemed to require more heat than I could 
generate  easily.)

(For some reason that I've forgotten over the years, my eBay  
search for suitable pins looks for "42107" and "42279".  Never  
gotten any results for it, though.)


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