Getting rid of books and documentation

SPC spedraja at
Wed Jul 20 02:46:22 CDT 2016

Hello everyone. My employer plans to close the data center where I have
been working for several years usually. This involves the destruction or
elimination of all kinds of manuals, books, documents and diverse equipment
considering that this is deprecated. In general the hardware belongs to IBM
for contractual reasons, but not so with the documentation I have mentioned.

In my case I saved from destruction several old manuals and training
courses that I will begin to scan in the coming months. But I can not take
care of all available material. As an example there are enough red books
related IBM OS / 2 and its environment. There are also several CICS 2.1 ...
it is difficult to make an accurate count. I will try to make some more
detailed photos as possible and post them somewhere so that anyone
interested can review. Given my residence in the European Union, I think it
would be easier to send these documents to interested persons who also
reside in the EU, if necessary.

On the other hand I must say that we store yet one IBM 3705 operative until
few years ago. I don't know what plans have IBM for it. But that's another

With kind regards

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