Source for server lift/hoist?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Jul 4 20:47:29 CDT 2016

    > Googling "user server lift" didn't produce anything

Oops, typo: "user" -> "used". (The prices I was seeing for these things was
high, so I was wondering if used ones might be a bargain.)

I also should have mentioned that I'm looking to put heavy assemblies (disk
drives) up high in a 6' rack - say at the 5' level, counting the raised floor
section the racks are one -q so the engine hoists aren't an option. (By an odd
coincidence, I happen to have one of those Harbour Freight units in my garage,
and it's a great engine hoist; not high enough for this, though.) And I was
hoping for something in the $200 or so range, and even the cheaper manual
units are more than that, new.


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