Source for server lift/hoist?

Guy Sotomayor Jr ggs at
Mon Jul 4 22:22:24 CDT 2016

I have a genie lift that I picked up used at a flea market.  It’s been
the best $350 I ever spent!  ;-)  Of course I picked mine up 10+ years
ago so I expect that prices have gone up some.  I personally think
that your $200 price target is *way* too low.

Mine is counter weighted so the unit itself is “shallow” so I can get
right up to the rack.  However, the counter weight is 400 lbs so it’s
a *pain* to move the lift itself if I have to transport it “offsite").  It’s
hand cranked and nothing on it is particularly difficult to replace.  
It’s developed a bad caster that makes maneuvering it difficult at
times because the caster jams but it’s not yet bad enough for me 
to go through the effort to find a suitable replacement.

A quick search and I found Vestil Lift at Northern Tool for $649 (plus
shipping): Handling > Pallets + Pallet Handling&utm_campaign=Vestil&utm_content=856042&cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=google_PLA&utm_campaign=&mkwid=sPUefxNqc&pcrid=39129660716&devicetype=c&gclid=CIna4tut280CFZSEfgodBcMFMA <>

I’m not sure if you can find something used for much less.  Shipping
*is* going to add significantly to the price because they are large and
relatively heavy (even the non-counter weighted models).

TTFN - Guy

> On Jul 4, 2016, at 6:47 PM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at> wrote:
>> Googling "user server lift" didn't produce anything
> Oops, typo: "user" -> "used". (The prices I was seeing for these things was
> high, so I was wondering if used ones might be a bargain.)
> I also should have mentioned that I'm looking to put heavy assemblies (disk
> drives) up high in a 6' rack - say at the 5' level, counting the raised floor
> section the racks are one -q so the engine hoists aren't an option. (By an odd
> coincidence, I happen to have one of those Harbour Freight units in my garage,
> and it's a great engine hoist; not high enough for this, though.) And I was
> hoping for something in the $200 or so range, and even the cheaper manual
> units are more than that, new.
>      Noel

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