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Fri Jul 1 11:32:15 CDT 2016

> >> Some would say this is not vintage, classic or collectible (and so
> >> shouldn't be discussed here).  However, these are all subjected terms which
> >> can be (and are!) argued about at length.
> Wouldn't have guessed to discuss an iMac 
> here, but rather than picking & choosing 
> certain computer models as being 
> appropriate to discuss here or not, 
> wouldn't it just be easier (and fairer) 
> to define a certain number of years past 
> which it *is* appropriate?    Or has 
> this already been stipulated?

I don't think anything ever came of this any of the other myriad of times
it was brought up.

But that said, it's a landmark system (I'm typing this on a 1GHz iMac G4,
which is also a design landmark), it runs a now-unusual desktop architecture,
it uses an obsolete operating system (as well as OS X) and it's long past
being obsoleted by its manufacturer.

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